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Item Code: 050SCANLS1
Weight: 1.00LB
Categories: Scan Tools

This standalone scan tool is for LS1 powered cars and trucks and allows you to monitior the vehicle's computer functions without clumsy laptops or fragile PDAs. It also allows you to also view and clear trouble codes, too!

Simply plug it in to the ALDL plug under the dash.  Then, mount the display unit just about anywhere with velcro.  No additional installation needed!
Automatic, detects the PCM waking up.
Main display:
In Default mode, the display unit shows the running O2 voltage and knock retard value.

Extended display modes (Selected by pressing the left 'mode' button):

Extended modes are as follows:
MAF - Mass AirFlow (lb/Min)
SP - Spark Advance (Degrees)
Pu1 - Injector Pulsewidth Bank 1 (Milliseconds)
Pu2 - Injector Pulsewidth Bank 2 (Milliseconds)
Dtc - Diagnostic Trouble Code (Powertrain diagnostic code)
MPH - Miles Per Hour (Vehicle speed)
Lt1 - Long Term Fuel Trim Bank 1 (+/- Percent
Lt2 - Long Term Fuel Trim Bank 2 (+/- Percent)
CEL - Fuel Trim Cell (Cell number)
St1 - Short Term Fuel Trim Bank 1 (+/- Percent)
St2 - Short Term Fuel Trim Bank 2 (+/- Percent)
O1 - Oxygen sensor millivolts Bank 1 (Millivolts)
O2 - Oxygen sensor millivolts Bank 2 (Millivolts)
AtS - Air Temperature Sensor (Degrees F)
CLt - Coolant Temperature Sensor (Degrees F)
TPS- Throttle Position Sensor volts (Volts)
TPP- Throttle Position Percentage (Percent)
IAC- Idle Air Control steps (Steps)
BAt- Battery voltage (Volts)
Egr- EGR position (Percent)
MAP- Manifold Absolute Pressure (KPA)

Pressing the right "Recall" button returns the unit to the Default display mode.

A note about the extended modes:
While not being monitored, most extended data items are read much slower that the main modes.   For this reason, when toggling through the extended modes, an odd value may be seen, this is due to that extended item's reading being 'old'. (by up to 10 seconds)

The unit automatically "records" when TPP exceeds 80% throttle. The "middle" decimal point will rapidly flash during the first 1 second of "recording time". During this time, the recording is "frozen" to prevent false capture of lean transition spikes.  Then the middle decimal point will light up to indicate recording in process.  The lowest O2 voltage and highest knock retard values are stored as well as the vehicle speed (MPH) they occurred at.   Other data items are not stored and must be monitored in real-time.

Recalling captured data:
After a recording is made, the values can be recalled by holding the right "Recall" button.  The right-most decimal point flashes to indicate recall mode is active.  While recalling, the O2 display shows the lowest average O2 voltage during the full-throttle event and the retard display indicates the highest knock retard value during the full throttle event.   While holding the recall button, also hold the mode button (left button) and the displays will indicate the vehicle speeds (MPH) at which the captured values occurred.   The stored data will be retained until another full throttle run or the unit is shut off.

Clearing DTC's:
To clear DTC's press and hold the left (mode) button while the unit powers up until CLr dtc is displayed, then press the right (recall) button.   The unit will clear the DTC's stored in the PCM and return to normal mode.

No LS1 owner should be without an LS1 ScanMaster!

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