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  MAF Translator Gen II    

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Item Code: 050transgen2
Weight: 1.00LB
Categories: MAF Translator Gen 2

This new version of the MAF Translator is a dramatic new upgrade from the regular unit. Borrowing technology from the Translator Pro, the Gen 2 now has the ability to adjust fuel + or - 60% in 1/2% steps across 14 RPM bands in 3 different load areas!

We have also added our "wideband tracking" technology to this unit. You can connect any popular wideband that has a 0-5 volt output on the controller and then you can set the desired A/F ratio across the RPM band at WOT. The Gen 2 will then track A/F and automatically adjust the fuel to keep the desired ratio. If the car leans out, the Gen 2 will add fuel and if the car runs rich it will remove fuel.

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